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Doctor Bhargava's Top Selling Medicine

Dietician holding a glass of healthy juice


Garcinia Cambogia Tablet

Garcinia Cambogia Tablet is a herbal food supplement that promotes fat burning and helps you to be in good shape.

Dentist checking patient dental problem with a torch in hand


Spondin Drop

Spondin Drop is one of the most effective Homeopathic Medicine for cervical spondylitis. As you seek the most faithful homeopathic medicine for back pain..

dermatologist is treating patient hair, skin & nail problem


Thunder-M Tablet

It is a nervine tablet for male and is useful for long & strong panis, increasing strength and stamina, early discharge, loss of vigour, emissions at night.

Endocrinologist is checking patient neck for thyroid disorders


Ague Nil Syrup

Ague Nil Syrup is highly effective medicine that helps in increasing the counts of white blood cells and Platelets in your blood, which in turn boosts your immunity.

Gastroenterologist is checking patient stomach with hands for digestive problem


Skedin Drop

It is a Homeopathic Medicine owing to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, de-purative, anti-oxidant & blood purifying properties.

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For better experience in online consultation, our experts have listed best doctors across India at a platform which offers easy access. From video call consultation to live online doctor chat by symptoms/indications, to even consulting doctors by speciality, godoct has it all, just for you. Don’t delay, start consulting now!

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Get expert consult on meal plans and nutrition programs

dentist' taking care of 'patients teeth problem'


Get expert consult on dental problems like tooth pain, ulcer etc.

expert for 'skin, hair and nail problems'


Get expert consult in treating skin, hair and nail problems.

doctor' treating patient for ' hormonal diabetes and thyroid disorders'


Get expert consult on harmonal diabetes and thyroid disorders.

gastric expert '  takin care of 'Digestive problems' like 'heartburn' , 'acidity' and 'indigestion'


Get expert consult on Digestive problems like heartburn etc

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Expert Homeopathic Physician Experienced Homoeopathy Doctor

Dr. Divya (BHMS)

3 Years Exp.

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Expert Homeopathic Physician Experienced Homoeopathy Doctor

Dr. Sana (BHMS)

3 Years Exp.

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Expert Homeopathic Physician Experienced Homoeopathy Doctor

Dr. Srishti (MD, BHMS)

1 Years Exp.

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Expert Homeopathic Physician Dr Vidhi wearing eye glasses looking with smile

Dr. Akansha (BHMS)

3 Years Exp.

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Expert Dermatologist Dr Rahul in black shirt with stethoscope around his neck

Dr. Rahul Kumar (BHMS)

16 Years Exp.

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Why Consult with Godoct Certified Doctors?

doctor' giving 'online consultation' all over the country

Godoct brings the Virtual hospital to you

We care for you and that is why we have selected the best in line Doctors across India to be available for virtual consultation anytime. Stay Safe indoors & set up doctor’s appointment by speciality / symptoms / indication.

trust between 'homeopathic doctors' and 'patient' for over 100 years

Our 100 years of trust & experience in Pharma

Our large network allows us to reach the best Doctors in the country and make them available online for you at most affordable online consultation charges.

video app for easy connection between 'doctors and  patient'

Easy to use Godoct online doctor consultation video app

Our team has created a video consultation app that offers easy access to Doctors, any time from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I book Online consultation?

A: You can book an online consultation on the website by looking for Doctor by symptoms/specialty or Doctor name. You can select the appointment slot of your preference for any date or even book appointment for instant consult. Once you pay for the confirmed appointment, you will need to Download Godoct patient app from google play store/apple store and connect with the Doctor for video consult with unique video Call ID.

Q2. For how long I can speak to Doctor?

A: You will get 15 minutes to speak to the doctor.

Q3. What happen if my call gets disconnected during the consultation?

A: You will arranged an another call or given an option to schedule a new consult for free.

Q4. What if I do not receive a response from the doctor on video call

A: A new call will be arranged for you or you will be given an option to schedule a new appointment for free.

Q5. What happen If I am not satisfied with the consultation provided by Doctor?

A: If you are not satisfied with the consult, then you may mark the consult as "Unsatisfied" on the thank you page once video consultation is over. Our team will review the video recording and if find that doctor was fault and did not entertain the patient queries satisfactorily, then a new consult for free will be arranged.

Q6. How can I make the payment for booking doctor appointment?

A: Online consultations are prepaid and the payment can be made by either – Paytm, Debit/Credit Card, and Net banking.

Q7. I missed the consultation call from the Doctor. What would happen now?

A: We would notify you through SMS and mail to be available and join video call screen for the online consult at the time of appointment slot. Even if call is missed from your side, then no refund or re-consult will be arranged.

Q8. Will prescription be provided by the doctor for the consultation given?

A: Yes, doctor will provide the prescription if needed that will be reflected in patients - My Profile.

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